Three Years ago, David E. Quigley authored and published what remains today as the definitive and highly recommended specialty contractor reference guide on the core practices, processes,and implementation requirements for implementing BIM.  It's called "Achieving Spatial Coordination Through BIM - A Specialty Contractors.  Read it here.


Are you an HVAC contractor, who has yet to implement a data driven BIM process inside your firm's workflow.  Speak to someone who can within a short amount of time help articulate how it can be implemented in your firm.  Take advantage of speaking at no cost directly with Emerson's Managing Director, David Quigley by clicking, "Please call me to talk about BIM". 

Emerson also works in a number of virtual operational capacities helping in strategic planning, training, business development, and marketing. 

Market Research, Analysis and Writing

If you need help to better understand your market, Emerson can provide the data and tell you what it means—to grow your company in your unique region and market. If you want to get the word out about your competencies, innovations or insights into the construction industry, Emerson Research is your best partner. We bring our strong writing and research skills and our deep knowledge and experience in construction to the presentation, article, report, or book that will grab the industry’s attention. We not only can say that we can help you, we can prove it.  Contact Emerson today. 

Providing Firms Leadership for Implementing BIM

Emerson works inside your company and direct with your senior staff and construction managers to create and build the right BIM Implementation Plan that addresses and matches the needs of your company.

As the author of “Achieving Spatial Coordination Through BIM – A Guide for Specialty Contractors” there is no one more versed or better positioned to work collaboratively with you and your team to navigate and build a realistic and effective BIM Implementation Plan designed specifically for your firm.

There is no single template that can be used to improve a firm's BIM competencies.  And no contractor is like any other as each contain a variety of skill sets and strengths.  When assisting a company Emerson addresses tangible and the most relevant tasks that will make your team one of the region's most competent in the practice, execution and delivery of BIM. 

Contact us today to discuss the terms of this type of assistance.  You will discover that the cost is significantly lower than you would imagine while the return on your investment is exceptionally high.  At the very least, by placing an email or a call you will learn more about the steps you need to take to get this ball rolling inside your business. 

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Implementing BIM inside a Specialty Contracting Firm

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