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Small to mid-sized MEP firms are already stretched to a limit, and each professional on staff is already wearing multiple hats to achieve the success that keeps you in business. Asking a senior staff member to take on an entirely new role—analyzing and building an implementation strategy for BIM with no previous experience with the task—is a huge risk. 

Emerson Research understands this better than most consultants to the construction industry. Our managing director, David Quigley, has been studying and writing about BIM and its impact on specialty contractors for more than eight years.  In addition to his recent book, he has published many articles that educate contractors about BIM. If you do not have a senior executive who both understands what needs to be done to foster change and is available to do the work, Emerson offers in-depth knowledge of how to implement technologies, how to build a plan, and how to execute it.. Our unique hands-on approach for motivating, encouraging, monitoring and bringing change to organizations will deliver a high return on your investment..  

Contracting with Emerson frees your staff to continue with what they do well. We work alongside to build the plan.  When the work is done, your staff will understand all that is needed to become one of the leading BIM-enabled firms in your region. 

The cost is significantly lower than you would imagine while the return on your investment is exceptionally high.  To learn more about how to get this ball rolling inside your business, contact us.


Market Analysis, Research and Writing

Facilitated on a project by project basis, Emerson conducts research, analyzes, reports, develops summary recommendations and communicates it in a manner and form appropriate to the project. Emerson also writes on technical subjects and designs and produces targeted special projects that require up-to-date industry knowledge.

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Special Projects, Strategic Planning and Operations

Over the past thirty years Emerson has helped dozens of companies and projects succeed. Emerson consulting services are based on gaining (in short order) a thorough understanding of the Emerson customer and being able to effectively communicate back to the company, everything about the company, its strength; weakness, opportunities and threats. Emerson's intuitive analysis of gaining this unique insight into the business while combining this data with a thorough understanding of the "building life cycle," current market requirements, effective technology, and best-contracting-practices for small to mid-size contractors is a valuable product Emerson is proud to offer its customers. Particularly now, with mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors, there are many under great pressure to adapt quickly to the NEW and evolving BIM compliant business practices - Emerson is poised to help.

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